Sadie Culberson





Sadie Culberson, a young American blogger who has an effortlessly minimal style, artsy flair, and a true sensitivity to “Being Yourself”, a philosophy that we share and which inspired us to create the Delua Brand. We had the chance to discover her goals, inspirations and passion for empowering women.




What are your goals in life?

My professional goals in life are to create work that encourages and supports women who are fully and confidently learning how to take up space in the world. I want to put in the hard work myself so I can adequately meet women where they are at—whether this is through art or counseling work or an online encouraging platform. I want my life work to have depth and honesty and to bring healing.


What´s it like to have a massive following on Instagram?

Haha. I used to think a large social media following and happiness correlated. There’s no correlation. If anything, having more people watch your posts adds a level of pressure and seriousness to social media that I have a hard time navigating. I would rather have five close friends with me in everyday life than 20k people watching me through a phone screen. That number next to a name makes you think some people are more important than other people, but really we’re all equally lovable and lovely. I’m as normal as the person who has 5 followers and the person who has 1 million followers.




How would you describe your style?

I would say my style is effortless modern minimal mixed with an artsy woman living in a city in the 1940’s. I love high waists, long coats and natural fibers.


Which fashion icon inspires you?

I’m inspired by the street style of ordinary men and women more than fashion icons. Fashion icons intimidate me and I often feel like I can’t relate.


What is your favourite Delua Shop piece?

The Daniela in Black! They go with everything.


Favourite travel destination

So far, either Utah or New Mexico. I love the expansiveness, the tones, the insanely clear stars at night and the smell of Juniper.





I do not want to be liked

I want to be myself.


by Nayyirah Waheed