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Capri Italy

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Italy, the start of something new…

The beginnings of DELUA started around a marbled top table on a faded coloured, but oh so Italian chic veranda, overlooking the lavender fields deep in the heart of Umbria, Italy, sipping chilled prosecco as the sun was setting and listening to Mario Biondi. We were both at a turning point in our lives, in need of a change and ready for a new beginning. Having the same passion for the Italian bohemian French chic style, if that makes any sense, we found in Italy our initial inspiration. With so many amazing colours in the facades, the decadent textures in the historical buildings, the brightness of sweeping fields of wild flowers, the colour combinations… so Italian! Colour code was on the table, we just needed a story. One thing we both have, must be a mother daughter thing, is that we both cherish that wonderful feeling of freedom. We love anything natural, simple, minimalist, and above all good quality. Putting all these key words together, we needed to find a philosophy that we both felt a passion for and felt identified with. Freedom, natural, simple! Throwing around words and ideas, we came up with BE YOU BASICALLY! It encapsuled exactly what we were trying to portray in three simple words! Be you always using basic essentials! Our aim is to create a functionable wardrobe using simple lines, quality fabrics, combinable colours, basics that every modern day woman needs in her wardrobe, enhancing the natural flair all ladies have! Pencil and paper in hand we got to work on the first sketches!

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back to basics


“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”